Nails and Netflix

Wednesday nights are Nails and Netflix, I just decided. Paint my nails and watch whatever I want. What’s your New Years resolution?

Seriously though, New Years seems to me like the Type A dream holiday. New Years resolutions mean New Years short-term goals, New Years schedules, New Years to-do lists.

None of this innately appeals to me.

As a friend of mine once put it, some of us live on “island time.” The days and nights are full, but they flow and crash like ocean tides. This also makes it hard for me to strategize long into the future. Normally, anytime something grabs my attention–like friends hanging out or a new upload from a favorite YouTuber–I’m off.

But on this side of 2017, in the middle of all this strange grieving and rejoicing, I realized that this is the time God set for me to forge ahead on some dreams (side note:  It’s one of God’s mysterious miracles that I still belong to him and still follow Jesus).

So today I wrote a schedule, and Wednesday nights are Nails and Netflix.

Thankfully, Mockingbird (location of the glossary of glossaries), just released their Best of the Year in Television list for 2017. If you’re into making New Year’s resolutions like I am, check them out:

Do you love making lists (teach me your enigmatic ways) and relish planning a fresh start?
Do you prefer flowing right into the new year without too much preparation?
If you have any goals or dreams for the New Year, what are they and how are you thinking of pursuing them?

What do you think?

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