He let them kill him | Agape

“…instead of attacking his enemies to overthrow them, he allowed them to kill him.”

The Bible Project makes videos illustrating Bible books and concepts, and today I watched this one on the Greek word, Agape, or “love.” That video quote above struck me.

When I hear about “love,” how I react depends on the lover and the object of affection.

On one hand, it’s hard not to mercilessly mock shows like The Bachelor that serve up a hot order of soap opera romance and call it “reality.” I am torn between wanting to scoff, and wanting to go to coffee with some of the women and talk about life and healthy relationships.

On the other hand, I cried at a commercial featuring two teenage girls who volunteered for a non-profit youth camp that helped save baby turtles and support environmental health. The advertiser awarded these shocked, weeping teenagers with newly designed shirts and jackets for their organization. Their joy, coupled with their love for the camp kids and the environment was stunning.

Rarely (though it does happen) do you see someone care deeply and practically for a villain. Yet Jesus defined love through his life by caring for arrogant, oppressive people who made life harder for those under them, and hated him.

It’s not as cute as teenage girls and their turtle charity, but it is as surprising as it is strange.

What do you think? What stood out to you from this video?

banner image by Gratisography

What do you think?

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