hi there

Nearly a decade ago, I dubbed this place Amica Mea and promptly began a pattern of building and neglecting it.

During Amica Mea’s various dark ages, I busied myself trying out every ill-fitting niche I could find in life.  278H

I was like a fish, trying to breathe air and swim on dry sand. Maybe you can relate?

If you can, then I’d bet good money that you can also relate to that suffocating and sunburned feeling when you finally burn out from trying to become someone you’re not.

Now I’m a fish trying to get used to the water again. The Beloved reportedly loves me like a daughter and treasures me and stuff, so apparently all that busy-body wandering is forgiven. I’ve even heard He has a bright future planned for me.

This is a place for all the Stuff that reminds me of that.

the Proprietor

Sometimes I write things. Mostly I admire the things God and people create, and wonder how I got so lucky.

And I’m thankful you’re here to wonder with me.

Jaclyn, the Proprietor
Jesu Juva


Twitter @amicamea | IG @amicameastuff

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