It’s okay

to shiver in the morning
to open the day in fear;
Begin in chaos

Begin in half-dark
Begin in the eye of that
tornado on the grey plains–

You will rise, for
you are carried, and
you will see a dawn

on a different horizon
where the bricks are gold
and the Wizard is wise.

So if I rise on wings of dawn
or sink on the far side of the sea
flourish 1

“One evening, not long after BiRDS OF RELOCATiON was released, I was thumbing through some of my black-&-white prints. Pausing at a heavily vignetted photo of a botanical garden gate, I thought of Adam and Eve, now on the outside looking in, remembering, grieving the loss of not only that verdant place, their former home, but the rich fellowship inside. Mounting that photo to a piece of foam core, beneath it I wrote a paragraph thumbnail, from Adam’s perspective, about aching for what is lost and gone. The photo and brief writing exercise made me reconsider this well-known story through the eyes of the one experiencing what must have been an intense sadness. I too am familiar with the losing, despair, defeat, near-run things, the bright hope, the guarding against it, and the long, sad stares into the God-only-knows-why darkness.”

Eric Peters, “Far Side of the Sea

Retro Design Elements | flourish designed by Vexels

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