Accountability: a weekend to-do list

First of all, thank you so much to my first commenter– Your words have been more encouraging than you know.

For most, a to-do list is in itself enough accountability to prompt action. I hear tales of these people, whose enthusiasm for list-making is only second to their delight in checking completed items off their list. Maybe I was sick from school that day when a deep love for checklists was instilled. I wish it were the case, but I sadly can’t get too excited about writing down things I’d like to do, and then, one by one, crossing off what I wrote. It sounds more like the kind of drudgery that daily reminds me we live in a fallen, time-constrained world–drudgery like making the bed or washing the dishes (though I do get a strange high from a clear and shiny sink, however briefly it remains so).

There’s actually a lot I’d like to say about time and eternity, writing, doneness (yes, Firefox spell check, I’m making that one up, but thanks for the heads-up), and probably some other things I would think of as I was writing. But since I’ve been sick, and need to be up in the morning, and the whole point of using WordPress to post this was to just slap this to-do list out there quickly so I would know it was there in a visible place (you know, the dark, silvery expanse of the Internet) and be able to hold myself to it. So I will, and will leave it at that for now:

To-Do Mostly This Weekend, Though Possibly Also Next Week

  • study out Psalm 51  (thanks to this song)
  • draft Time Budget
  • write article for my church’s women’s newsletter (…due July 20th! Thank God I do have some notes. This will be a fun one.)


Silvery shores of cyberspace, I submit to you my to-do-ings for the weekend. God willing I will accomplish them, mostly on my laptop, lounging with water and toast as I finish recovering from tremendous, clearly divinely-ordained illness. I needed my heart broken, and my priorities adjusted. Thank you so much, Dad.

PS:  While I appreciate any and all encouragement, kudos, thumbs-up gestures and all of the above, I still appreciate criticism very much as well. That said, I am so happy to be able to state openly and honestly the following self-criticism:  I know this post is not very good, from a creative writing standpoint. It’s wordy, rambling and at times self-serving. Praise be to God, it can get better– everything I do is under His control, and He is the ultimate skilled craftsman. That is an awesome feeling, a grounding fact. I wish I’d realized this in school, but even that had its purpose. Again, thank you, Dad.

Jesu, Juva | Soli Deo Gloria

2 thoughts on “Accountability: a weekend to-do list

  1. I’m curious about what you mean by time budget. It sounds intriguing/helpful. I’m one of those list-makers. It’s a way to get the list out of my head.
    I’m a fellow Rabbit-Roomer.

    • Hehe. Have you always been dedicated to list-making? Was there a turning point, even at a young age, that set you in that direction? If you can list in your head, it seems you must have organization pretty well internalized.

      The “time budget” is a concept I pulled from a booklet on time management my church offers. It’s the idea of looking at all the given time available, and in writing, dividing it amongst all activities. Those activities with the highest priority are “budgeted” in first (like sleep, eating, quiet time with God), and then activities are added as available time permits.

      I’ve also seen a good visual illustration of this on a motivational blog by a woman named Becky, though this may be how you see things already. I’m a huge sucker for filling my life’s “vase” with rice first:

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