To the Cowardly Revolutionary

I thought myself alone.
When you are
tempted, don’t hesitate:

See this crumbling
empire, clinging
to Fisher
Price power.
When you do good,
see it as treason.
though their eyes
follow you to the
guillotine from your

house, and you drag
your arms, atrophied
from the chains, all
the way.
See yourself both a
loyal and an infidel;
you act toward
both empire and
your King.

–Oh God, you could return,
restore, take away this
wretched choice, lying in
hands of wretched women
and men. And He answers:

“Patience, for now,
rejoice that you, daughter,
are free to decide.
Remember Me.”

We plead, remember me.
“Always,” says the King,
“and I will remind you,
until your holy rebellion’s
no longer necessary, and

your righteous loyalty’s
eternally secured. I will
lift you from revolutionary
to royal heir
at My side.”

Oh at Your side,
we whisper, my King
at Your side; That’s
enough. Our King smiles: “Yes. Yes, always.”

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